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Jason M.

Chanhassen, MN

Jason M Front

I started this 60day by turning 40 years old, on medication for high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, and over hundred pounds overweight. Along with all the physical feelings of fatigue, aches and pains, and being winded on easy tasks, there was the embarrassment, discouragement, and sadness associated with the weight. After being an athlete and an Iraq veteran it was difficult to handle being this far out of shape physically, yes round is a shape but not the shape I want to be in. Working at Life Time Construction I am out in public meeting potential suppliers, sub-contractors, and general public and being a large individual doesn’t really indicate that I am living the “Healthy Way of Life”, so being able to improve my weight allow me to represent Life Time better.

Working at the corporate office I received the emails informing me of the 60day, luckily because I wasn’t using the facilities, where I would have seen the notifications and promotions if I had been going to in. With the support of my beautiful wife and children I signed up for the challenge and met with Eric at 60 day kickoff. We set goals and set up a basic work out plan. I met with Eric and Ian for two personal sessions to build a custom total body resistance work out. Halfway through the program I began adding the walk/run program “couch to 5k” to plan Eric and I set, as I set a goal of running a 5k in June, as running is enjoyable activity from my days in the army. I also started the D.TOX program and used the skills of clean eating, portion control, protein intake, and meal preparation. The morning protein shake recipes from the detox program have become my favorite meal of the day. Since the program is over I have continued utilizing Life Time Vegan protein and fiber for my morning shakes. Our meal prep retraction has become a family event each week where we use many lifetime time recipes from the 60day program and the D.TOX program. This has been a great time for us as couple and a family to spend time to prepare health food for a convenient grab and go package for our busy schedules. With the great staff, a clear plan, and a great support system, I have been able to be make a lifestyle change that have put me on path to a more healthy life. This lifestyle change has allowed me to incorporate exercise into my DAILY routine every morning and the healthy eating, I have lost weight, and lost inches in my waist, while reducing my pant size by two sizes. However, I have gained confidence, gained strength (physically and emotionally), and gained habits that are already impacting me positively. These habits, have resulted in the reduction on my blood pressure medication and potentially in July the elimination of diabetic medication. The weight loss has allowed me to share my story of the terrific benefits Life Time has to offer and be living proof that living a “Healthy Way of Life” is achievable and to represent the brand positively. All because of the skills I learned during the 60day.