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motivation monday

week seven

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At this point in the Challenge, it may be tempting to switch up your plan if you haven’t quite reached where you want to be. Listen in as Coach Paul tells explains why this may not be the best decision.

today’s strength workout

Today’s Warmup

Choose a cardio warm-up or a dynamic warm-up.


warm up

10 minutes total. Start easy, increase speed every 2 minutes.


bodyweight bridge2

Hold for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. Repeat for 2 minute.

Today’s Workout

For the remainder of the Challenge, your strength training workouts will be completed as super-sets. This means you will complete two sets of exercises back to back without rest in between.


triceps skull crusher 596x324

Barbell Triceps Extension

1 set of 12.

barbell Squat 596x324

Barbell Squat

1 set of 12.

Rest 60 seconds.

Repeat three times.



Barbell Reverse Curl

1 set of 12.


Barbell Deadlift

1 set of 12.

Rest 60 seconds.

Repeat three times.



Reverse Crunch

3 sets of 45, 30 seconds rest.

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