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A multivitamin is a supplement beginner’s most essential product. Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential to each of the metabolic processes in our bodies, and if we are lacking it can lead to nutrient deficiencies that can cause ongoing metabolic dysfunction, making it harder for our bodies to burn fat.

With the dismal state of the typical American diet, most people do not consume enough nutrients from food alone. Ideally, most of our essential vitamins and minerals should be obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables, but due to over-farming, whole foods may not be enough. There’s evidence that suggests it could take between 2,425 to 5,000 calories per day to supply the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA*) for 21 of 27 essential vitamins and minerals. If we asked you to eat 5,000 calories per day, you’d probably think we were joking. On top of that, if you’re an active exerciser, under stress or on medication, you can assume your need for many vitamins and minerals is even higher.

Just as you shouldn’t cut corners with the quality of food you eat, you shouldn’t cut corners with your nutritional supplements. One of the fastest ways to instantly increase the nutrient quality of your lifestyle is to start taking a high-quality multivitamin. At Life Time, we feel it’s our responsibility to offer the most efficacious forms of the nutrients in our formulas. We use vitamin and mineral forms that have shown superior absorbability, and also make it a point to package our multivitamin formulas in easily digestible capsules that don’t require the use of binders, fillers, or ‘pharmaceutical glaze’ (shellac) to hold them together.

Our Multivitamin line is also split up into AM and PM doses, as well as Male and Female formulations. This is so you take in nutrients throughout the day, rather than all at once to help your body more readily absorb nutrients and utilize them accordingly. By dividing the dosages throughout the day, the AM formula provides more energy-supporting nutrients in the morning, while the PM formula provides nutrients for rest and recovery in the evening. The Male and Female formulations vary slightly, as men and women have unique nutrient needs due to sex hormone levels, skeletal muscle, and body fat among other things.

*Note: the RDA is the amount of a given nutrient required to prevent deficiency syndromes, not necessarily the amount you need to achieve optimal function.

rest & recover

Recovery is a critical component of any exercise program. One great recovery technique is foam rolling, where you essentially self-massage your muscles to prevent soreness and aid in recovery.

Ask at your club for details about the next Foam Rolling Workshop.

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