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teach me tuesday

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Coach Dan is back with more tips on how to navigate the world of cardio. Tune in as he shares expert insights into how to develop an efficient, fat-burning cardio program.

hooray it’s pancake day

Celebrate National Pancake Day with us by whipping up Coach Becca’s delicious protein pancakes.


Try-It Tuesday

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Heart rate training is an extremely valuable component of any weight loss or transformation journey. The key to success is not necessarily burning calories, as many think, but burning fat. This training will help your body become a more efficient fat burner. As you improve that efficiency, you’ll also improve the quality of your workouts and your subsequent results. In CardioBurn, we’ll teach  you how to leverage your personalized heart rate zones to make your body a fat-burning machine.

your cardio workout

We’ve got a quick circuit for you today. Repeat the circuit eight times, for a total of twelve minutes. Make sure you start with the warm-up.

If these phrases are new to you, head to the Exercise Guide to learn more.

Dynamic Warm Up

warm up



check in along the way


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