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week two

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A healthy lifestyle is all about preparation. Spend time each Sunday getting ready for the week ahead with a self-care tip and a recommended recipe.

Do a mini-declutter

Choose an area in your home or office – like your closet, your desk, the Tupperware drawer – and dump whatever you don’t need or use regularly. If you’re feeling motivated, pick another area and do it again!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strips

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Makes 4 Servings | Calories 185 | Protein 30 | Carbs 1 | Fat 6

D.TOX, GUT.FIX, dairy-free, gluten-free


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For many, learning how to navigate social situations can be the toughest part of sticking to a program. Tune in this week as Coach Anika shares her tops tips on surviving an outing with friends or family.


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With so many health and wellness influencers on social media, it’s important to have some guidelines to follow so you know what’s credible and most helpful to you.

Here’s why health-conscious influences keep holding you back

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1 out of 9 health influencers on social media share credible information regarding weight management.
While almost all of the health influencers you’ve stumbled across or follow currently have good intentions, that doesn’t mean their advice is necessarily accurate, permissible or beneficial to you.

The 6-step guide to following a health influencer.
Trying to navigate social media and all of the different types of health influencers can be exhausting and overwhelming — we’ve put together some quick ways to assess credibility.



The core of a great transformation program is nutrition. Join Julie, one of our virtual coaches, as she takes you through the grocery store and shares her top tips on how to choose what to take home.


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Find inspiration from past participants’ stories, learn what worked for them and cheer for their successes!

Lynnette C.

Lynette – Cypress, TX

 I am so proud of myself for following through with my plans. I’m thrilled about my results. My body fat percent went down by nearly 11% and I lost just over 20 pounds! Woohoo! I still have a lot of work to do. But I’ve learned so much that I’m now 100% confident I will succeed.


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Cauliflower Poppers

4 Servings | Calories: 260 | Protein: 13 | Fat: 16 | Carbs: 19

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegetarian


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Holiday Survival Seminar

Don’t let the holidays throw you off your game. Join us for a seminar filled with expert tips and tricks about nutrition so you can thrive during the winter months.

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